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iBobber - €149.50
Castable Bluetooth Fishfinder 

iBobber Is the castable fishfinder that syncs with iPhone 4S, 5 & 6 series, iPad, and phone and tablets for Android 4.3 with Bluetooth Smart 4.0  

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SOL1 - 100% Fluorocarbon 50m

The brand new S-Power Fluorocarbon, specially designed for fly fishing, is produced with the latest generation technology, which gives a pure fluorocarbon, featuring a superior knot strength, the lowest light refraction, making it almost invisible when submerged in water and incredible breaking strain for each diameter. Manufactured in Japan

12.50  for 50m



SOL1 - 100% Fluorocarbon 50m
Dia mm  Kg  Lbs 
0.145  2.95 6.50 
0.185  5.10  11.23 
0.145  6.83  15.01 

POC2 - Double Sided Waterproof

A very handy double-sided waterproof pocket fly box, which can hold up to 90 flies, 45 flies on each side, and is fiitted with a lanyard, ideal for hanging around your neck or attaching to your fishing vest. Perfect for stream, stillwater bank or boat fishing to have your flies for the day's session ready to hand

Dimensions: 95 x 68 x 35mm

10.00 each



SOL2- Pk 4 Foam & Rubber Indicators

Fantastic strike indicator in hi vis yellow foam, excellent floating characteristics and very easy to use. You can install and remove the indicator by pushing your tippet line doubled through the small black rubber ring and looped over the foam, as shown below. This gives a non-slip installation but is easy to adjust

5.00 for Pack of 4



P8 - Natural Amadou Leatherboundr> comes in presentation fly logo tin

11.00 - Quantity 


P5a - Pk 10 Large Fly Clips Black

3.50 - Quantity 


P5 - Pk 10 Small Fly Clips Black

3.00 - Quantity 


  P16 - Gehrke's Gink & Xink

€6.00 - Quantity 



P9 - Lanyard & Nippers

9.00 - Quantity 


P15 - Pk 10 Micro Rings 2.8mm Dia

4.00 - Quantity 


P11 - Mucilin Red
Limited Stock

4.00 - Quantity 


P12 - Mucilin Quick Sink
Limited Stock

4.00 - Quantity 


P10 - Maxima Ultragreen 100m
4, 6, 8 & 10 Lb

5.00 - Quantity 



  P24 - Hardwood Desk Tidy

Manufactured from a solid block of hardwood, finished with several coats of furniture wax. Machined seats for tools, fly clips and varnish bottles, 3 larger baize lined seats for hooks or beads or larger varnish bottles. Dimensions ~ 300 x 140 x 40 mm

25.00 - Quantity 


P26 - Fly Logo Tins

Small foam lined tins with a fly logo on the lid, supplied with 12 wet or dry flies or 6 salmon flies. Make a great little unique affordable gift

7.00 - Quantity 



P18 - Dapping Floss Assembly

A 2 metre length of Fog Dapping Floss with micro rings attached either end to enable quick and easy fitting. Can be fiited either in line or in parallel with the leader


3.50 - Quantity 


P13 - Braided Loops 3 Pack
Thin braided loops for trout

2.50 - Quantity 



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